D and what?

I tried to stay away from the whole boxing day sales hype this year and I think I did rather well because I made only one purchase, well actually 3 small purchases from the same store. I was waiting for my movie to start at the Mall.  (We Bought A Zoo… A good family movie with plenty of moshi stuff). When I was enticed by the 50% off sign hanging in the window of a shop called TYPO. I have been there in the past and it’s a kind of stationary/home decor store not at Kikki K beautiful but expensive level, more like a cheap Smiggle for grown ups level.

 In-store Typo had a wall of wooden letters -3 for $10 so I started going through combinations. I had brought Dan a ‘@’ for his office last year and I had intended to get a ‘&’ for myself so i grabbed that, but now what to go with an ‘&’ I decided ‘D’ could represent Deacon. Then I saw the apples in red, black and white I chose the white and I paid my $10 and took my three wooden letters/fruit. So I had a ‘D’  ‘&’  ‘apple’ I figure D & G worked for Dolce and Gabbana so D & apple works for the Deacons, we have an apple tree and we eat apples!

When I got home the kids were discussing my odd purchase. I told them I am going to hang the letters in the hallway amongst my picture gallery I am planning. ‘But what does it stand for?’ Chelsea asked me and before I could answer Josh interrupts me and says ‘Ds for Dad and the apple is mum duh!”


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