Hallway Lights

Finding  the perfect light fixtures for our hallway was easy but finding something in our budget was another story! I ogled aplenty some amazing designer lighting some modern some classic all costing  far too much for us. We had to consider that we will be replacing an entire house worth of lighting fixtures and to blow a large amount of moolah on two hallway lights was not a bright idea. (Excuse the pun it was so not intended).

At last we found something we both liked  from Lighting Plus, a pendent in a modern style and plain enough  to fit in with whatever lighting we get for other rooms. We had to wait about 8 weeks for the lights to arrive because we wanted the large pendents but it was worth the wait.

 Heres a picture.

For those wanting details the pendents are called

Chic from Lighting Plus.

 The original price was $119.00 but we got them at a 30 % off sale and paid only $83.00 each.

We bought two Chic Pendants costing us $166.60 and saved  in total $71.40!!!


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