How To Use A Map

I love old maps, not antique maps I like the more retro type with the pastel colours of pink, blue, yellow and green, so I was all inspired when someone gave me a bunch of old road maps and an eighties school Atlas. I have a few projects planned for these and this is project number one. It took less than an hour and was surprisingly very easy even with my very bad needle work! I used an ugly lampshade that was taken down from the hallway when we first started our reno work about three pages of a 1976 NZ road map, (this map is older than me)! Cotton thread and a needle.

I secured pages of the map to the lamp shade with a few pins, then I started stitching along the top and bottom.

 When it came to the joins of the pages along the length of the light shade it became a little tricky so I wouldn’t use a shade any longer than this one it can get hard to manuever the needle about halfway inside.

 Here is the final result.


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