Old chair gets a second chance part 2

I took the chair outside and gave it a good sanding using  a finishing belt sander (one of my favourite and most used tools). Then using a block and sandpaper I did all the areas the belt sander couldn’t fit. I made a few repairs, there was a brace under the chair I repaired with wood glue then I put in some new nails just to secure the brace. I used a nail punch on some of the nail heads that were showing on the front of the chair and viola this is the result so far…

Now at this point I still hadn’t decided what kind of look to give to this old char. A clean crisp white? Hard to get a good finnish because even with a good sand this old chair still had imperfections. So shabby chic? I could paint it in vintage white and play up the chairs oldness. But no, that was a tad boring, I wanted something different. I like the whole Industrial Chic look and I could varnish the chair to give it that look, or paint it a bold unexpected colour, yellow maybe? Anyway here is another picture of the chair being under coated and tomorrow I will let you know what I decided and hopefully I  will be able to reveal Old chairs new look!


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