Old chair gets a second chance part three

The Reveal

Ok so I decided against painting the chair white or a bright colour and instead I went for the more industrial look because it’s a style I think I want to include more in our home to contrast with the more traditional features of our house.

So first here is a reminder of what old chair looked like before…..





and here is old chair with a new look, ta da…


As you can see i painted the frame black I used water based enamel paint in high gloss, it was paint I had left over from painting our entrance door, I gave it two even coats. The back rest and seat I coated twice with clear polyurethane in satin, sanding between coats. The Polyurethane cost about $15 for only 250 ml so very expensive but that was the only money I spent on this entire chair makeover, brilliant!

Lastly here is a picture of the back of the chair, I really like the back it shows the contrasting finishes that I like so much.                           




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