Garden update

I have not had much time to spend in the garden lately, I’m still plastering and the weather really has been awful, thanks to the rain and my absence its hard to see the garden through the weeds! The garden isn’t as bountiful this year as last I don’t know if that is due to my neglect or just the lack of sun.

Most of the tomatoes are green only the cherry tomatoes are showing some colour.

Here are a few we I picked yesterday. I grew these from seed they are Kingseeds Baxters Early Bush Cherrys.



Cucumbers are coming along ok, they are still too small to pick.

Some of the corn are showing their tassels, we staggered planting this year so we could have a longer eating period.


Herb garden is doing well, there is rosemary thyme, oregano,chives and garlic chives. I have basil, coriander and parsley growing with the tomatoes.


We had an empty patch after christmas where we had potatoes growing they were an early variety called rocket, we had them for christmas bbq lunch they were the best spuds I have ever had! So there was an empty patch I filled a few weeks ago with radish, spinach siverbeet and beetroot.


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