Seed Tape

My lettuce and coriander supply has been getting low so I decided to sow some more today. 

99 percent of my vege garden is grown from seed I usually sow seed in trays in the cooler months and then plant them out in spring, but now that its summer I can sow directly into the garden and I thought I might try making my own seedtape in the hopes of having some lovely straight lines of lettuce.

I selected my seeds all from King Seeds- Coriander slowbolt, Organic Lettuce Paris White Cos and Mesclun Italian.



I cut paper towels into long strips about 3 -4 cm wide and made paste from flour and water. Using a paint bush I painted the flour paste on a strip of paper towel and then I spaced out the seed. I left it to dry a bit then put another strip of paper brushed with more paste on top. So easy I just rolled it up when it was dry.

 Later I placed my seed tape into the garden covered it with dirt and watered. 


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