I knew when we were going to do the hallway I wanted a big picture gallery on one of the walls, but large frames are expensive and hard to come by so I was really happy when I won an auction on Trade Me for a set of five pictures featuring fruit, I was not  keen on the pictures, it was the solid wooden frames I was interested in. I was very happy when I picked up my rather ugly pictures because the frames were of a higher quality then I expected, I got a rather good deal having paid only$10 for all five frames.

This was before christmas and I undercoated two frames and then got crazy busy so I decided to get back into it today.

Using a fine grit sandpaper so as not to scratch the wood I sanded the frames untill they had lost their shine this is so the paint will stick.

I gave the frames a thin even coat of undercoat sealer paint, when they were completely dry I lightly sanded them and gave them another coat of the undercoat. Here they are drying, tomorrow I will start on the top coats.


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