M.I.A at Mangawhai

I have been missing in action because I jumped at a chance to go for a weekend break with a few friends to Mangawhai Heads, a wonderful seaside town  1 hour 30 mins drive from Auckland.

I stayed at a friends batch, here is our lunch out on the large deck looking out to rolling hills and farmland.

Here is the Mangawhai Heads surf beach we went for a swim at.

I was sad for the holiday to end but I was  happy to get back to my family, unfortunately there was a car accident about an hour from Auckland so traffic came to a stand still for over an hour! We decided to pull into a town called Warkworth and wait for the traffic to clear. 

We enjoyed a glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc at The Bridgehouse it overlooks the Mahurangi River that runs through the heart of Warkworth.

 I enjoyed my R&rR and my batteries feel well charged again.  This week my goals are to finish painting the frames for my picture  gallery that were left half done and I’m going to try to get the plastering all done in the hallway so I can start painting next week. Fingers crossed!


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