A Bountifull Harvest

I came back from holiday and found that my garden had come to life. Thanks to the sun deciding to come to the party finally. January is a summer month here in New Zealand but with all this rain and wind I thought summer would never come!

I have two plum trees and they both have ripened fruit now, figs are starting to get  a pink tinge of colour, tomatoes and cucumbers have gone into over-drive. Corn is almost there, but heat lovers like my bell peppers are small and are far from ready. On the plus side with all the rain and lack of sun in Auckland I have had an extended season of spinach, silverbeet coriander and my lettuce isn’t jumping to seed as fast as last year.

How is your garden going in your part of the country/world? How about the weather in your area? I would love to know. Here in Auckland the weather really is just like the song, four seasons in one day!


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