A few months ago I was clearing and weeding an overgrown patch out the front of our house when I dug up so many bulbs I filled 3 plastic bags! They would have been put there by my late mother but for the life of me I can’t remember anything ever-growing there, I suspect they were forgotten about and were mown over before the bulbs could reveal themselves. I planted some under our old lemon tree and through out the rest of the garden.

 I’m quite new to gardening and my gardening knowledge is shamefully small and this was the first time I had planted bulbs, so I just chucked them in and crossed my fingers. I was so thrilled when in late winter we got daffodils popping up everywhere and I have been waiting and watching for months to see what was growing under the old lemon tree. Finlay with our late Summer arriving my curiosity has been satisfied.



They look amazing in a vase too.


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