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Interested in Pinterest?

Yes I’m still busy plastering and sanding but I can spend even more time on the hallway now the school holidays are over and with light at the end of the tunnel ( or is it hallway?) now visible I can’t help my mind wandering over to the next room in our home to get a makeover, the living room. In the evening when all my muscles are sore and I have ladder feet. (Yes that’s what I call the pain in my feet when I have been up the ladder to long !). I have been gathering ideas and inspiration from home magazines, other blogs and Pinterest.

Pinterest is new to me although I think it’s been around for a while. In the past if I found something I liked on the web, a chair or lamp, I would copy and paste a picture to a file on my desktop but now I can just Pin it to a board on Pinterest! You can cruise and look at other people’s boards for more ideas and if you find something you like you can Pin it to! I highly recommend this for  travelers, DIYs or if you are planning a big event like a 21st or wedding.

So if you have just joined up or you  are an onto it person and already with Pinterst and you want to follow me click on the red pinterest button in the side bar.



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