Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Busy busy, I have just started to paint the first coat of sealer undercoat in the hallway I managed to get about halfway down the hall today. The excitement is building for me now partly because all the hard work is almost behind me and partly because I will be able to see all my planning come together! Part of my planning was to have a mirror by the entrance to create more light I wanted a large full length mirror to add a touch of drama. I had been looking for a long time but found that big mirror equals big money! So I had just about given up when I came across this at… wait for it… The Warehouse, yes that’s right the Red Shed where everyone gets a bargain.

Nero Ornate Mirror

The frame is black and has this great texture to it giving it a modern and dramatic look, here is a close up.

I couldn’t believe my luck the mirror was 140cm-40cm which was the perfect size to fit next to the entrance door! I bought it on sale for $87.99 the original price was $109.99 so I saved over $20.00 but if I compare other mirrors of a similar size and style I have saved hundreds!

Through this process I’m learning that sometimes to get something a wee bit different  for our  home and to get a bargain it can be a good idea to look outside the square.


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