We’re Jammin

I made use of my plums and some sad-looking apricots at the bottom of the fruit bowl and made jam today.

This is my own recipe I have made it many times I don’t strain and because I am using mostly plums I use ordinary sugar. (Not jam sugar). I don’t add extra pectin  because plums are very high in pectin so the jam always sets.

1-1.5 kilos of plums and any other fruit you want to chuck in just make sure there is high ratio of plums, I included 6 apricots.

1 cup of water

4 cups of sugar

4 sterilized jars

Take out pips and  dice fruit, place into a large pot with one cup of water.

Boil gently untill the fruit has become pulp, about 30 mins, then slowly add small amounts of sugar and keep stirring so sugar dissolves.

once all the sugar is in bring to the boil, skim off foam and stir only occasionally.

To check if the jam is set put a spoonful in a saucer and wait for it to cool.

( Dont put it in the fridge you need to see if it sets at room temperature!)

If you can run a finger through the jam on the saucer and the jam stays separated it is ready to pour into jars.

Did you notice my Jammin title for this post? I admit I did borrow it from the great Bob Marley.

If you like Jammin check out the video below.


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