Singing for the Singer

My Singer Sewing Machine is my favourite piece of furniture/machinery,because it belonged to my Great Grandmother and I had a great fascination for it when I was a child. My mother would pull open the top to reveal the machine hidden inside and the drawers held treasures  for my little hands, old bobbins buttons, thread and lace.

Now I’m an adult it is the machines heritage that fascinates me,  I like the idea that my Singer is a piece of machinery from the Industrial Age and that it was shipped all the way down here to New Zealand over a hundred years ago! So it breaks my heart to see these old sewing machines discarded all around the country in charity shops and  on auction sites going for as little as $50! But to be fair what use do these large outdated sewing machines have in these modern times?

 When the Singer was made it would have been an expensive but necessary item for every household, it was so necessary even life saving in fact that  5  sewing machines  were taken on the 1911 Mawson Antarctic expedition to repair harnesses for their sled dogs! But today many households don’t have sewing machines. There are many amazing and talented people out there keeping the art of sewing alive but sadly I’m not one of them so I have decided to use my Singer as a hall table its drawers are perfect to hold stationary and my kids are still young enough to be impressed when I pull out the hidden sewing machine and show them how it works with a pedal and not electricity.

So if you have an old Singer consider hanging onto it, depending on the date it was made it could be worth something but even if it is not, like mine, it can be a beautiful side/hall table. If you don’t have a Singer maybe after reading this post you might appreciate their heritage and adopt one!

Here are some links if you want to find out more about your Singer.


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