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Making a Terrarium

I have had a go at making a terrarium this weekend even though my track record with indoor plants is not great for example in our bedroom there is a stick in a pot that was once a beautiful orchid that I’m still tragically hoping will come back to life! I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong because everything I grow outside from roses to fruit trees and vegetables are thriving! But alas I’m responsible for the demise of many indoor plants from either neglect or smothering ? I’m not even sure which! Anyway I decided to make a Terrarium using succulents because they are very hardy and I just had to take a few cuttings from plants I had in a pot outside though when I went to the garden shop to buy my other supplies I spotted a pretty ground covering succulent, Sedum Variety, that just somehow ended up in my shopping basket.


Glass bowl


Sphagnum Moss

Soil (I used cactus and succulent soil mix)

Small plants Ideas: ferns, african violets, succulents and cactus.


I put in stones first then added a thick layer of Sphagnum Moss making it higher up the sides to hide the soil.

Then I added a thick layer of soil.

Next are the plants, just have a play with them untill you have the look you want. Dont be tempted to put in to many plant because they will grow.

I covered the soil with more Sphagnum moss and added large pebbles for interest and to fill in gaps until the plants have grown a bit.

 I then watered lightly remembering that there is no drainage. Pretty simple and fingers crossed these plants will be around for a long time! 


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