Rock’n Robin

I have been out of action for a couple of days because I stupidly hurt  my wrist while sanding back an old chair for the lounge, it’s nothing major just an old injury that plays up now and then, so it just ment I had to take it easy for a bit. To tell you the truth I’ve been like a bored old grumpy bear (sorry family!)

 Anyway yesterday I took it out on this innocent wooden bird who I decided  just looked too white and boring!

So he got a slight makeover. Using some of my left over maps that I have used in the past on a lamp and again to make a framed rabbit.

I positioned the bird on a map and traced around him then cut. I did have some help with the cutting as I couldn’t do that left-handed, points for trying right? I then stuck the map to the bird with glue making sure all the edges were well glued down. 

 Ta da! Boring no more!


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