Try Decorating Little Girls Birthday Presents with Paper flowers!

It is my daughters 9th birthday next week so I thought I would make some paper flowers to decorate her presents.

I just used copy paper and wrapping paper to create these flowers.


Cut out circles any size.

Cut around your circle to create a spiral

Take the end of the spiral and start rolling it towards the centre of the spiral when you get to the end dab some glue onto the centre part and stick.  Let the spiral relax to make the rose.


Cut paper into squares in decreasing sizes.

Fold into a triangle and then fold the corners over creating this kite shape



Draw a petal shape and then cut.

Unfold half the flower and cut 2/3 of the way to create petals

Unfold completely and cut the 2 remaining petals, top and bottom.

Fold all the petals towards the centre to make them stand up.

Curl the petals by wrapping them over a pencil and roll them under.

Create as many as you like sticking them together with some glue in the middle from largest to smallest to create a full flower.

I cut out paper circles to put in the centre but you could use pearls, beads or jewels. Then I just taped them to the gifts giving them a fun look.



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