Fruit Trees

I had a great weekend in the garden  some of the time was spent weeding which is not so great but it was necessary to clear out the weeds and to see which plants have done their dash in the garden. Autumn is a great time to go tree shopping, we decided to add to our backyard fruit trees and picked out three Apollo Feijoa trees.

 Feijoas grow great in our semi tropical weather here in Auckland they make a great screening hedge and the kids will now have three autumn/winter fruit choices! Apples, Oranges and Feijoas!

The Orange tree is loaded with fruit at the moment thanks I think to the rainy summer we had. We just have to wait for them to ripen

 Last Autumn we planted a dual grafted apple tree; great if you don’t have the room for two trees! I don’t have any idea what varieties the apples are because the poor tree was amongst the reduce to clear corner of the garden nursery it had one apple and only a few leaves on it and yes I still took it home! Fruit trees can be very pricey and at 60% off I thought it was worth a go and I do like a challenge!

I did not expect so many apples in its first season and in fact I had intended to knock off the first crop to allow the tree to establish a good root system but I took the risk because this little apple tree had shot to the sky as soon as I stuck it in the ground next to our old Wash-house.

So here is the tree now!

Whatever variety they are the apples taste super sweet and crunchy.


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