D.I.Y Hand and Foot Scrub

I wanted to create an all natural scrub I could use after a day in the garden or a day spent sanding and painting.

Though I do try to wear gloves as much as possible sometimes they get in the way or I just forget!  After completing a D.I.Y project my hands are usually covered in cuts and grazes and my feet are aching from standing in one spot to long or from standing on a ladder. In the garden my hands are exposed to the damaging sun and dirt finds its way under my nails and into all the cracks and cuts I seem to always have! Not a pretty picture I know!

So I created a hand and foot scrub that would aid in healing my cuts and soothe my aching feet.


Epsom Salts/Magnesium sulfate

Soothes muscles and is commonly used to sooth dry skin


 Anti-inflammatory,  antiseptic, and a painkiller

Olive oil

 Vitamin E rich an antioxidant, moisturising

Manuka Honey 

 Antibacterial,  aids in healing cuts and wounds.


High in vitamin C, exfoliates, fades spots from sun damage hardens and whitens nails.


I started by infusing Olive Oil with Rosemary from my garden. I filled a jar with rosemary and covered it with the oil, sat it on a sunny window sill for 10 days giving the jar a shake every day.

Today I half filled another jar with Epsom Salts/Magnesium Sulfate and then covered it with the Rosemary infused Olive Oil, then I added 1tsp of Manuka Honey, 1tsp  of Lemon peel and the juice of half a Lemon, gave it a good mix and it was done!


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