Lounge… The Beginning

The reason I have been quiet on the blogging front this week is because we have started on our lounge makeover yay!

This is what our lounge/dinning room looks like at this point in time.



On Monday we cleared out our lounge room furniture except for our dinning set as we will need somewhere to eat our meals!

Then I got started on cleaning the skirting boards, windows and doors. There are two doors one leading off the hallway and one leading to a built-in porch we use as an office. Tuesday and Wednesday Hubby and the kids had fun ripping off the wallpaper I was a bit jealous because I got stuck cleaning the ceiling which is over 3 metres high and is badly nicotine stained because my mother who owned the house before us was a very heavy smoker and it took 3 bottles of sugar soap and a lot of elbow grease to remove. So 3 days later the ceiling is as clean as its ever gonna be and the muscles in my arms and back are tad sore but boy am I glad to get rid of all that nicotine and grime!

So here is my plan of attack in no particular order…

Clean skirting and doors

Clean ceiling

Strip wallpaper

Sand skirting windows, doors and fill any holes and cracks

Remove carpet

Paint ceiling

Paint doors, windows and Skirting

Line walls with Plaster Board

Tape and plaster Plaster Board Joints

Add trim to skirting to hide Plaster Board Join

Undercoat and paint walls

Repair floors, sand and seal.

Get electrician to wire in new light and switches

Get gas guy to remove old gas heater and install a modern unit.

Go shopping! New lounge suite, blinds, table, T.V unit ect:


So stay tuned I will try to do updates week to week there is no time frame but I hope things will move faster than our hallway makeover did because not to have a living area is a bit chaotic on family day-to-day life!


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