Embroidery Hoop Jewellery Display Hanger

It is Mothers day in a few weeks and I thought it would be good to come up with some gift ideas and as a mum myself there is nothing like receiving something unique and handmade from your loved ones.

Today I made this simple jewellery display hanger using an embroidery hoop, great for mothers to display their earnings and necklaces in an interesting way.

I cut out a piece of cork board to fit the smaller inner embroidery hoop you coud also use cork tile or thick cardboard.

Using hessian fabric I covered the corkboard and then placed the outer/bigger embroidery hoop over it to secure it, you could also use lace for a vintage look. 

I then got some wide elastic and attached stud earings to it and using a safety-pin I pinned it to the hessian fabric.

You could add decorative pins to hang bracelets or you could screw  hooks to the bottom of the embroidery frame to hang heavy or long necklaces.


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