Have You Got A Vampire Problem?

Try planting garlic!

That is what I got up to today, at $20 a kilo and sometimes more for New Zealand grown garlic it’s not surprising that we are over run with vampires these days.

I have never grown garlic before but i thought I would give it a go this year because I use it so much in my cooking and it would save me a fair bit of money to not have to buy garlic at the grocery store.

I got 500 grams of  garlic for around $10 and separated the bulbs keeping the big cloves for planting and the small ones I put aside for cooking.  According to my research of garlic growing, you only want the big cloves if you want big garlic bulbs, and out of 500 grams of garlic I got 120 good-sized cloves!

 That would mean more than 2 bulbs of garlic a week for 1 year, I planted the lot! So in 6 months time there wont be any vampires lurking around our place.


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