A Painted Room!

We have finished painting the lounge/dinning room! I love how the colour has turned out in fact it is better than I imagined!

But first here are some cringe worthy before photos, I can’t believe how bad this room used to look! 

Get ready, brace yourself!  


Bay windows, ugly brown curtains, stained ceiling, and so dark…



More dark and dingy…



Last one I promise! This shows the door leading to the sun-room/office on the other wall.



Now the hard part is over here is the start to the transformation we have started on this once very sad ugly room!


We stripped the walls, skirting, doors, windows and ceiling then we re-lined the walls with new plaster board and plastered and painted everything!


There is still loads to do but here are the results so far….



As you enter the room you first see the bay windows



This picture is of the other end of the room where the fireplace will soon be reattached



And lastly a picture showing the other wall where the entrance to the sun-room/office is.


I know the room is far from finished yet, for one it’s empty and the floors need to be done but I couldn’t wait to share the new paint job!



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