Kiwihome To The Rescue!

I rescued a 70s/80s lounge suite made by New Zealand furniture maker Morgan from a student flat about a year ago. The cushions were beyond saving and my plans to do a simple sand and stain on the wooden frames were canned when on closer inspection

I discovered the arms were carved deeply with what looked liked lotto numbers and a few colourful expletives that I couldn’t completely sand out. So the entire suite sat around for months looking rather sad.

But there is more to this tale, first I’m not one to give up and there is nothing like the lack of funds to motivate a person, meaning there is only enough in our lounge/dining makeover budget for a new couch and nothing for a cool designer chair to place by the fireplace like I had imagined in my lounge room plan.

So back to the rescued lounge suite, I picked the chair in the best condition, filled in the creative carvings and gave the chair a couple coats of black enamel paint I figured this was the best way to disguise all the imperfections. Using a sack I made a cover for over the seat springs.

I was then lucky enough to score some cheap upholstery fabric so using an old foam mattress I made some super comfy cushions.

In total I think I spent around $40 so I’m super happy with the results.


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