M.O.T.A.T and Craft Show

I decided to get out of the house this weekend, I thought it best to stay out of Dans way while he started sanding  the lounge/dining room  floors, here he got the big guns out (a rented drum and edging sander).

 Lounge/Dining update coming later in the week!

We took advantage of the free month of June at M.O.T.A.T (Museum of Transport and Technology) we had a great day there, my favourite part was of course the Victorian Village.

Here is the inside of  the Victorian pump house that was used to pump water from Western Springs to Auckland homes.

Chelsea got into some trouble and ended up here!

This weekend we also went to a craft show at Grey Lynn community Center.

I came home with just a few things…

This adorable hot water bottle cover for Chelsea made from an old wool blanket.


We found this cool card for Dan which he loved!

For myself I got this super cute framed print of an owl in a bunny suit!


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