Dancing on the Ceiling

The floor is done!

After Dan sanded the floor I went over it the with the vacuum and then wiped down the whole floor with turpentine to remove any remaining dust or dirt.

Here is a photo during sanding…

…and here is before and after sanding

I used a water based clear polyurethane, keeping the wood natural. I would’ve used a stain with it but I wanted to see the old Kauri boards and all there lovely imperfections.

I used Cabot’s CFP Floor and just followed the directions on the tin. I used a brush for the edges and a roller on a pole for the rest. Over 2 days I applied 3 coats sanding between the first and second coat with 240 grit sandpaper. Here are the results!

I’m stoked with the lounge/dining floor and by doing the job ourselves

 we worked out we have saved at least $600! As Mr Burns would say “Excellent….”

We will be able to walk over it in 16 hours in our socks and in about 48 hours the floor will be able to handle normal traffic, but it will be a long 72 hours before furniture goes in!


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