Reduce Reuse Recycle: Folded Paperbacks and a Rag Rug

We are having a clear out in our home office, we call it an office but really it’s a junk room! We have uncovered forgotten books, clothes,  toys and everything that was supposed to be donated or sold, but there are those things that are in no condition to be given away like books with no covers or missing pages.

I also found some old sheets and scraps of material that  I had put away to make a woven rag rug,  something I have always wanted to try. With a bit of time on my hands I had a go at making a rug and after only one evening I had progressed to this…

This was such an easy and quick way to make a rag rug, the next morning I finished off the weaving!

Here is a link to the instructions I followed to make my rag rug. Recycle Tutorial: Woven Rag Rug

Next I had a go at turning these old books into something.

The smaller paperback I folded each page over twice like this.

Soon it started to look like this.

Finished book No-1.

The big book I took the corner of the page and folded it down to make a triangle

I then took the other corner and folded it over so it created a triangle, the back of the page  looked like this.

I did this to each page, creating a spinning top shape.

finished book NO-2.

I am thinking a bunch of these folded paperbacks would  look great amongst christmas ornaments!


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