Dans Office

I mentioned in my last post that Dan (my dear husband) is working on creating a home office out of our built-in porch/verandah, which once you see the pics you will understand what he’s up against!

Our old Villa would have had a verandah that went around the front and side like this.

But with our house you can see it is built-in and here is the side that was once open verandah

 We believe that somewhere between the two World Wars half the porch was built-in creating a long narrow room, I know from family that the house had been turned into a boarding house and rented for a time this explains why we have several closed off gas connections in this built-in verandah and in a couple of the bedrooms they would have used small gas ovens in the rooms for cooking and heating,  in fact I found a small gas oven a while ago when I was cleaning out the outside wash-house.

Fast forward to the 60s and 70s and the built-in verandah became a bedroom for my mother and her siblings when they came to stay with my Great Grand parents, and now it is going to be transformed again from a storage/junk room into an office.

Behind the stained glass door

The old verandah window

Here you can see on the right what would have been the outside wall, the weatherboard still lining the wall

And lastly here is the view back towards the lounge

The room is very narrow but we hope to have a desk running along the wall and a work area under the window. We are planning a storage cupboard in the recess for all Dans tools and hardware. At the end close to the lounge I would like some open shelving for books and DVDs and hopefully we can fit all this in what is a very small space!


2 thoughts on “Dans Office

  1. Wow there is some great history in your place.
    Looks like a great spot for an office, I’m sure it will be fantastic! Best of luck with the renovations.

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