How to make newspaper seedling pots

I have been playing nurse all week,the cold plague hit our household and one by one they started to fall like dominoes, as the only one not sick (as usual) I was on tissue pick up duty so I haven’t had much time to do anything until today. This morning when I pushed the last of the recently recovered out the door I noticed that our plum trees were covered in green buds and as I took a turn around the garden I saw new growth happening everywhere, it seems spring is on my doorstep, literally!

So today I jumped online and ordered various vegetable seeds from my favourite seed suppliers King Seeds  and I started making newspaper seedling pots to grow lettuce, lettuce is always my first crop of the season because it doesn’t mind the rain and cold of late winter/early spring.

I used 3 sheets of newspaper folded in half, tall glass and a stapler, stapler is optional.

I folded the paper lengthwise and placed the top of the glass on the folded edge only half way up.

On a flat surface I rolled the glass wrapping the paper round it.

Holding the paper I turned the glass right way up

Then  I pushed the paper down into the inside of the glass, this will make the bottom of the pot

I pushed all the paper in like this.

At this stage I took out the glass, a twist and pull usually does the trick.

Sitting the pot up the other way, tidy edge up…

I put the glass back inside the pot using the base of the glass to press down the bottom.


The inside of the pot looks like this

I stapled the top edge just for extra security, not necessary as I have made these before without doing it but they don’t stay together as long with a staple also folding the top inwards half a cm making a rim at the top of the pot keeps the pots in shape.

 I find this way a great way to grow seeds, the pots can be planted straight into the garden stopping transplant shock and it is a good way to recycle and it’s free!


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