Office Update

For those who are following our kiwihome make-over you will be aware we are converting an old built-in porch into Dans office…

If you have just tuned in click HERE for a catch up

…but the long room is actually one small room joined to a bigger L shaped room and the smaller room, the first room you enter, is not really any use to Dan because it has a huge stained glass window on one side and weather boards on the other so we decided to turn it into a small library. Storage is a real problem with these old house so this part of the office can store books, DVDs ect.

I was keen to start this little project, but first I started clearing and sorting because the room was filled with christmas decorations, board games and boxes and boxes of Dans IT stuff, and it wasn’t until yesterday that I got to crack open a paint tin.

Yikes! You could lose a small child in here!

Wave of the magic wand…

..and mess be gone!

 Of course It really is not all gone, stuff that has not made it to the bin or a charity shop is now all over our lounge room!


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