Carpet Tiles

Wow! Where did the weekend go? It just flew by here in the kiwihome household, it was a busy couple of days but it was a productive weekend, Dan built a new window frame for the office window and he finished the last of the moulding!

On Sunday we headed up to Owera for a birthday lunch and got back into Auckland at about 3 o’clock, and that was when we decided to start to lay carpet in the office, whew!

We were looking for carpet that was within our budget and was D.I.Y friendly, those conditions counted out carpet on the roll that was way to expensive, even if we could find cheaper carpet off-cuts for a very long  L shaped room. Carpet on the roll also takes some skill to install and needs specialist tools.

We then went and checked out self-adhesive carpet tiles at a couple of hardware stores and discovered that while being D.I.Y friendly, just peel and stick, they were also very expensive.

Then online I came across commercial carpet tiles that you glued to the floor with an all-purpose flooring adhesive, the tiles plus the adhesive worked out to be half the price of the self-adhesive tiles!

So working as a tag team… Dan cutting and me gluing we had the carpet done by about 8 o’clock Sunday afternoon, very D.I.Y friendly.

I stopped half way to make dinner and take these photos to show you guys.

View from the lounge

Not bad?

The carpet tiles are very hard-wearing but we do have a few spares so if there are any spills or any wearing in the future it’s a simple task to lift and replace! If you are looking for flooring for a garage or rumpus carpet tiles would be ideal!


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