With a little help from my friends!

A few months ago I was given four lovely cotton sheer curtains from a special friend who spotted them in a little Northland boutique that was having a closing down sale. I loved the sheers as soon as I saw them and I knew they would look great in the lounge hanging in the bay windows, but unfortunately they were a couple of feet too short.

All is not lost, these  lovely curtains have found a home in the new office where they are the perfect length!

Here is a reminder of how the office window used to look like…


The curtains have really softened the room and defused the harsh light that used to blind us in the afternoon. I like how I can still see the coloured glass through the sheer curtains and that this built-in verandah now feels a little chic.

Now I must admit I like surprise gifts especially if they are for the house and I was happily surprised when my favourite uncle gave me an outdoor porch light he brought from a demo yard. I’m sure when he brought it he thought I would be putting it by the front door, and he did give me a funny look when I declared that it would be perfect for the office!

Well… the office was once a porch!

Against his better judgement I’m sure, he put it up on the wall. He has conceded to my crazy idea and has said he will find a cord for me so I can turn it into a lamp! Yay!


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