Printing A Picture Onto Wood

Today I decided to create some art using this photo of Dan and Chelsea I took on our recent family holiday in Ruakaka.

I played with the colour making the picture more blue with less contrast and then using our home printer I printed it out.

I then found this scrappy piece of Ply wood….

….and gave it a thin coat of white acrylic paint

When the paint was dry I applied a thick layer of Open Acrylic Gel Medium, while it was still wet I placed my picture print-out face down on top

When it was dry (I left it overnight) I gently rubbed the paper off with a wet sponge leaving an imprint of the picture behind!

The effect is really interesting and I was surprised how easy it was, I think I might try this again on a different surface like fabric.


3 thoughts on “Printing A Picture Onto Wood

  1. Hi, Love your blog, where did you get the Open Acrylic Gel Medium? id love to do this, maybe onto fabric for cushions! also , do you have a tutorial for that gorgeous cushion you made? the grey twisty one…

    Thanks, Courtenay

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