Spotty Throw

I have been on a search for something to tie my new Master bedroom colour scheme together like a pillow or a throw.

Sometimes I would find the right colours in a cushion or fabric but the pattern would be all wrong!

So I decided to make this throw!

I used a round container lid and two bottle lids to create 3 different sized circles.

 Starting with grey I painted the lids with acrylic paint and pressed them into the fabric.

Next was orange

Then using only the small lid so as not to over power the other colours I added black and tan

NOTE:If you want to recreate this you might want to use 
fabric paint so the throw is washable, 
I chose to use paint I had at hand at the time.
If you are on Pinterest and you want to see what else I have planned for the room feel free to check out the Master Bedroom board I have started on Pinterest. Just hit the “Follow me on Pinterst” button on the right.


4 thoughts on “Spotty Throw

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