Paper Pom Pom Flower Decorations

Traditionally our family get a Christmas tree the first weekend of December and because all the painting is done in the Master bedroom….

I finally have some time to work on making tree decorations and I have started with making super easy pom-pom flowers with crepe paper and ribbon

I cut a roll of crepe paper into thirds giving me 15 cm wide sections.

Starting at one end I started folding the crepe paper accordion style like I was making a very long paper fan!

When I reached the end I tied a piece of ribbon tight around the centre making sure the ribbon was long enough to hang the pom-pom on the tree.

I then cut the corners off with a pair of scissors.

To make the pom-pom I started to pull apart the fan/ folded paper pulling the paper one way then the other creating volume.


This weekend we are renting an edge and drum sander to do the floors in our Master Bedroom and I will be sealing the floors over the next 2-3 days. I will try to post some pics of our progress over the next few day!


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