Floors and Tree!

We have our Christmas tree!


It is a real one, as a family we like to head off to the local “Christmas tree farm” and pick out our tree. I love the smell and look of a real tree and at the end of the season we use it as mulch for the garden!

This year we decided it was time to update our decorations we had mostly hand me downs and many were broken. I really wanted  to invest in some quality Christmas ornaments but I wasn’t prepared to lay out a lot of money at once so this year we went and all picked out one good quality ornament each to start our new collection.


Four ornaments does not make a decorated tree, so I added some homemade decorations and I used candy canes to fill in the gaps.


We are so busy with doing the Master bedroom I don’t have much time for decorating so I have just put a few Christmas touches around the house that took very little time!


Lights in an old jar


and a bowl


a christmas touch in the hallway


All very simple, and now the house has a subtle Christmas feel that I’m enjoying!

I haven’t forgotten!……for those wanting an update, here is a picture of the floors in the Master bedroom so far!



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