Our Master Bedroom Reveal!

As soon as the paint was dry on the walls we moved into our made over Master bedroom.

I would say it’s not 100% finished, we still haven’t chosen bedside table lamps, there is no art on the walls and we have not yet made a headboard, but sharing a room with our 9-year-old has been a little trying and we were eager to have our own space again!

Here is a reminder of what the room used to look like.

Do you remember the 80s wallpaper falling off the walls? Here is a great photo showing a rip running right across the wall!


The pink curtains were my attempt to cheer up this room for my daughter when this was her bedroom, but there was nothing I could do about the peach coloured carpet that had seen better days, Yuck!


The fireplace was lost against its floral background and the pastel colours seemed to make the fireplace an eyesore rather than a feature.


Here is a picture of the room stripped to the bone, the fireplace surround has been removed, the wallpaper has come down revealing the sarking boards and hidden under that hideous carpet is hardwood flooring.


Now after many weeks of D.I.Y and keeping to a very small budget (as always)! We have finally finished our Master bedroom!


Lots of things in this room we already owned, the bedroom furniture the bedside tables we purchased over ten years ago. The bed is new, as our old one was not fit to sleep in. Another thing that’s new is the chevron duvet cover that I got online from Urban Outfitters who offer free postage to little old New Zealand, Bonus!


The vintage floor rug under the bed is very old, it belonged to my Great Grandmother and although it’s bald in places I really wanted to use it so I gave it a clean, and I love it!


Here we purchased Freedom Furniture Economy Blinds in vivid white, they are the exact same ones we got for the lounge room. The drawers I’m using as my dressing table were my daughters I just repainted them in a dark grey shade.



Here is our freedom wardrobe we got 5 or 6 years ago, we got it second-hand from NZ online trading site Trade Me for $50 and this is our old chest of drawers.


The fireplace I did nothing more than give it a clean and polish. The old trunk I nabbed from my Mother in-laws basement and it’s holding extra blankets and pillows.



It’s been a big change for us, going from the old bedroom to the new and improved room that when I wake up I get the feeling I’m in a nice hotel room instead of my own bedroom!



There is still a few more things we need like lamps and a headboard. I have some old family photos and art I am planning to put above the fireplace so I think I will just take on one thing at a time and I will post the updates as I go.

If you have any suggestions for bedside lamps I would like to hear them as I’m struggling with what look to go for.

Traditional? Modern? Industrial?

Strangely I’m finding it difficult to decide!


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