Taking a Break

This week has flown by and I haven’t got half of what I wanted done! I had planned to take some photos of the picture gallery I’ve created above our fireplace in our master bedroom and I had planned to share a few tutorials. I still haven’t got lamps or a headboard and as for the garden, lets just not go there! It seems the kids had busy weeks with party’s and graduations and our house has been full with their friends as they all want to hang out before they head off on holiday or in some cases new schools, but the weekend is here and we are now busy getting ready for Christmas and packing for our holiday!

I have been thinking about what Christmas means to us as a family and I don’t think it is the tree or the presents underneath it, in fact we always want to leave it all behind us and jump in our overloaded car and do what really means the most to us!

Christmas for me  as a New Zealander is all about summer, it’s about spending long hot days at the beach with the kids playing in the sand, swimming and eating copious amounts of strawberries! The kids get to have our undivided attention and we all stay up late laughing and crying  playing last card for the hundredth time. Dan and I get to have long complete conversations not just rushed words over breakfast or during dinner. I love getting the time to read a whole book in a couple of days not dragged out over weeks of bedtime reading.

When the days slow down and things get real quiet it becomes a time when I think things couldn’t be more perfect, of course there is a lot that is not perfect, as family we have lost several people close to us, all in a short time period and day-to-day life can be a scary juggling act, but at the very core we are at this moment lucky to have ‘this moment’ and I tell myself it’s important to remember. Life is forever changing and so I think we should be thankful for what we have now, not what we want to have tomorrow.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday!



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