Office Shelves

We are now back from our holiday and are feeling much refreshed and in fact we have already broken out the tools and paint brushes! (yes, we are coming to the realisation we are addicted to D.I.Y!).

Storage is a real problem for us and as avid readers and the owners of a shamefully large movie collection we were in need of some serious shelving.

We decided to put up nine 1.8 metre long shelves up on the wall opposite this large window in the office and you may notice this is an old pic of the office before the desk was put in, it’s because I forgot to take a photo of the wall before we put up the shelves.


Luckily I found this pic that I took when we were laying the carpet!


Though not the most easiest place to put shelves (because of the weatherboard) it was a space where all our clutter could be hidden away from the main living area but still be close at hand.

The wall is 3 metres high and we decided to put the shelves almost to the top while leaving  the floor free for storage boxes later.

I was worried about making this very narrow space smaller so we chose narrow shelves and painted everything white to blend into the surrounding walls.


Check out this old picture!

Before we decided to turn this built-in porch into a home office it was a dumping ground for all our junk!


Here it is today,

and now the shelves are up we were all surprised how they had the opposite effect to what we thought and in fact, the space feels bigger!


By taking the shelves to the top it seems to draw the eye up emphasising the height of the room and making the space seem larger.


I’m on the look out now for a small reading chair to put in the corner I think it would really complete the space.


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