Almost Picture Perfect

I have inherited some old paintings and family portraits which have no value except to our family but I feel a sense of responsibility to keep them hanging in the same house they have been in for 100 years, so I have decided to create another picture gallery in our Master bedroom.  Some pictures are very large and are framed in big oak frames that I love, I picked out a few that had similar framing and decided to mix them up with some more recent family pictures.

This new picture gallery has a traditional feel as opposed to this one I created in our hallway.


I laid out the pictures out on the ground first in an asymmetrical pattern making sure with my trusty tape measure it was all going to fit on the chimney breast! When it looked right to me I snapped a photo to use as my guide.

I started in the left hand corner and transferred the pictures on to the wall, occasionally checking the photo I took earlier.

Heres the before……


……and nowkiwihome



I just want to  say the three white pots with succulents were a Christmas present from my nine-year old daughter Chelsea, aren’t they great?

I think she already has a great eye for styli things!



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