First Kids Bedroom Makeover!

It is now February and the summer holidays are over and the kids are back at school, so that means I can start ripping apart another room! But before I do, here are some before shots.

Chelsea our nine-year old was moved into this room about 3 months ago as we did a swap around in rooms. Her room was changed into our Master Bedroom. Here is the link if you want to see it again….

Master Bedroom Reveal

So she has been eagerly waiting for her room to be next, not surprising as you can see she has been stuck in this dreary colourless room for weeks!

The room is a big cream on cream rectangle with a large window at one end. Dan is stoked that he doesn’t have to deal with any bay windows or fireplaces!




So first things to go are the curtains, nets are going in the bin, relatively new drapes can go on Trademe.

While the kids are at school and Dan is at work I will be cleaning and scrubbing the ceiling, pulling up carpet and removing the tragic wall paper. I will then scrap, sand and paint the window and door. I’m giving myself two weeks but secretly I’m wanting to do it all in one! I can’t help it I always want things done yesterday! As usual I will post updates as I go, and I have some furniture and accessories for Chelsea’s bedroom I plan to makeover during this time so I will share those projects also!


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