Is it Friday?

This morning when my dear husband came to wake me up I laughed at him and said what are you doing? (This is not going anywhere dodgy I swear!)

It’s Saturday I declared!

Poor man I thought, here he is all dressed for work!

No it’s Friday he assures me.

No no, I say, it’s Saturday!

We went back and forth like this for a while, both smirking so sure the other person was delusional.

Then I had to face the truth when the kids weighed in on the issue and agreed with their father,today is Friday.


(Of course if you are not in New Zealand it may be only Thursday, I feel for you I really do!)

The truth is this week has been exhausting and I just wanted it to be over already. Looking at my last post I realise I may have been a tad optimistic about how much I was going to get done in Chelsea’s bedroom!

It started to go wrong when I discovered the plaster center piece in the ceiling was falling out! I thought we might be able to save it but after an entire morning trying to carefully bring it down, it cracked and broke in several places!

Next surprise was the carpet which I soon discovered was a bunch of  off-cuts that someone had stapled to the floor! It took me two days on my hands and knees to remove about a million staples and many did not come quietly! Also the underlay was stuck to the floor and nothing but a scraper and then a scrub with sugar soap would remove it!

So here is an update of how the room looks after four very long days!





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