Colour Love

Chelsea my nine-year old and I have been having fun at the hardware store  looking at color charts, we spent an exciting hour deciding on a colour scheme for her bedroom, the men in the family were not so excited and even huffed and puffed a few times as we changed our minds a few hundred times.

The young man who mixed the paint for us sensed the importance of the moment and with great ceremony and with a flourish he lifted the lid of each paint can as we let out lots of “oohs!” and “aahs!” intercepted with lots of “pretty!”


These colours are not going to be painted on the wall but are going to be used to make art and used on pieces of furniture that will be scattered around the room giving a pop of colour to what will be a white room. I like to call these Smile Colours because that is what they make me do every time I see them!


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