Makeover a $10 Chair

A friend came to me with a chair she had brought on Trade Me ( New Zealand online trading site) for $10. My friend had liked a chair I made-over last year and she asked if I could do something similar with her chair.

Here is the chair I made over when we were working on our lounge room

 kiwihome  kiwihome

I am no way an expert in upholstery and in fact the chair I worked on before I just had to make new cushions and covers to fit, while my friends chair the cushions were fixed and would require some rather precise fabric fitting, but my friend kindly pointed out I couldn’t do worse than what had been done to the chair already so that being said I felt confident enough to give it a go and in fact found it surprisingly easy.

A previous owner had made a cover for the chair that had seen better days.


After I removed the cover I found this rather dated and worn fabric underneath.


I pulled out about a million staples and removed the original upholstery.


I then just used the original fabric at a template tracing around it onto the same fabric I had used on my chair. I sewed the corners like a box cushion and armed with a staple gun I went to town.

2013-05-02 10.42.18

All up it was a 3 day project, I left the frame as it was and I just gave it a polish giving the wood a nice glow.



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