T-Shirt Quilt

I have always wanted to make a quilt but with my very limited skills at sewing I’ve never been brave enough to make one. Then on Pinterest I saw this quilt made by Cinnaberry Suite   made out of old t-shirts. When I saw how straight forward it was I thought, I could do that!

For one I have a bunch of t’s that my 13-year-old son who grows like a magic bean no longer fit, also some of the t’s he’s really attached to and he did not want to relinquish them to the clothing bins so I’ve held onto them in the hope I would be inspired to do something with them that he could use. A t-shirt quilt was the perfect solution!

Here’s the t-shirts and an old sheet cut into squares


I just followed Cinaberrys Suite    easy instructions and here is my finished quilt!



Here is the back of the t-shirt quilt


I think if you have never made a quilt before this is a great one to start with, also if you have clothes that are not good for donation this is a good way to recycle them rather than sending them to the land fill. I like the idea that old clothes can be transformed to become cosy quilts to throw over knobbly knees on cold nights in front of the telly.


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