Plastic Army Men Lamp!

That’s right a lamp covered in plastic army men! It’s a little crazy but I have been wracking my brain with what to do with toys my thirteen year old son no longer plays with. He is still rather attached to his army toys and his Nerf guns and he is not keen for me to put them in the donation bin so I have been trying to think of ways to display or store them in his new room without creating clutter. So to start with I repurposed this old bedside lamp I picked up years ago from Lighting Plus.


I picked out various colours and styles of  army men from a huge pile he has collected over the years. Some of the plastic men were non standing they were belly crawling commando style and I thought these would be good for the lamp stem.


Starting at the center of the lamp base I glued the first  plastic man down using my hot glue gun and miraculously it stuck hard almost instantly! I was a little surprised because I was dubious of the glue adhering to the metal lamp but it stuck fine.

I glued the plastic men close together all facing outwards going in a circular pattern


When I got to the stem of the lamp I used the commando crawling army men. I put a little hot glue on the front of each plastic man and stuck them to the stem.

The whole project took under an hour and here are the results!



Update on room, I sanded and painted the window and door and my husband Dan painted the ceiling on the weekend, re – lining the walls in plaster board will start on the weekend.


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