Here we go again!

It is time to start ripping up another room and this one is going to be our teenage sons bedroom.

Here’s the rather horrible before shots of the room

kiwihome   kiwihome

It’s the smallest  bedroom and optimistically we had thought we could rip out and redo this room in no time at all…but no.

We have very rotten and bora riddled skirting boards from one end to another, and strangely this is the only room that has had this problem!kiwihome

What to do? Well we went to town and ripped the skirting boards off…..


……or should I say Dan pulled the boards and they crumbled away?


We will have to source new skirting boards which I suspect will not be cheap, so we might have a look around the local demolition yard to see if we can find twelve metres of skirting board in excellent condition that matches the original.

Miracles can happen right?


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